Earth Labyrinth

The Earth Labyrinth is located in El Prado Park, Curridabat, Costa Rica.

It is open to the public year round, day and night. See location at the bottom of the page.

It was built for the Day One Celebration on December 21, 2013, when a group of people including Indian representatives from Costa Rica and North and South America presented a proposal of Peace with Mother Earth to the president of Costa Rica.

Geometric base

The geometric base is that of the Sacred Egg and with a compass and a ruler you can generate this figure easily,

It has two partitions and nine layers and the path is grassy with rock borders.


From a geometrical perspective, this labyrinth proceeds from the form of the egg, a figure whose energy is that of containing it all as the circle, but – as if the circle was pregnant – with a gesture of expansion, of reproduction.

Its form indicates that it is in a transformational process to create something new.

The number of centers establishes the direction, the goal of the experience. Since this is a single center labyrinth, it obviously attracts us to the center and represents the intention of connecting with our authentic essence.

The number of partitions establishes the strategy with which the goal is attained.

Having two partitions – one generating the entrance and the second the labrys at the other side – it evokes our terrestrial condition of contrast (ying-yang, abundance-lack), from which we may, if we assume a constructive attitude, attain balance and resolution.

The number of layers indicate the extension of the experience. With its nine layers, the Earth Labyrinth propels us towards the horizon of our potential, towards the frontiers of our creative capacity.


In synthesis, we have…

a geometry that evokes expansion
and the creation of something new
focusing in the connection with essence
to facilitate the resolution of day to day contrast and
expanding towards the frontiers of our human potential

As with any personal growth tool, this labyrinth only offers an experience in that direction. The intention of the walker is what makes the difference between a practice with or without meaning.


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For personal growth,

Ronald Esquivel

Architect and Holistic Balance Instructor



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