Resolution Labyrinth, Costa Rica

Resolution Labyrinth was conceived to connect with essence, transcending contrast through conflict resolution thus flowing towards the expression of “the best of me”.

Type: Huetar Series (spiral)

Design: Ronald Esquivel, architect

Location: Canadian International School, Costa Rica

Some time ago, I came up with a proposal of creating eight labyrinths in Costa Rica. The second organization that became interested was the Canadian International School located in Curridabat.

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Design criteria

The design process initiated stating the following:

These walkable geometries offer an opportunity of a focused meditation that provides multiple benefits, among which the most important is connecting with essence – “the best of me”.

Kids and teenagers experiment contrast in a daily basis in their lives:

What I am and what I am not
What I want and what I do not want
What I have and what I do not have

This manifests in big things (I want to be accepted, but they do not) and in smaller things (I have to do homework, but I feel lazy ).

Therefore, the labyrinth should support the students in their process of constructively resolving the conflicts that they face daily.

From a geometrical perspective, the spiral represents transformation and resolution of the movement of energy, as the spiral hurricane resolves the difference of temperature of air masses that collide in the atmosphere.

Consequently, the geometrical base should be a spiral.

This is coherent also because I have designed a series of spiral labyrinths and dedicated them to the indigenous Costarican Huetar tribe and the director Mr. John Ovens has a special bond with the Quitirrisí Huetares.

Furthermore, Curridabat was a Huetar territory and the school has conserved three indigenous tombs within their facility.

Back to a geometrical perspective, contrast is expressed by number 2 (a polarity) and resolution by number 3 (the third element that comes to balance polarity, as a judge in the court).

In the opinion of Director Viviana Fernández, number 3 symbolizes the tripartite commitment of education between students, parents and the school.

The presence of three parts will then be pursued in the base geometry.

The design of the labyrinth was based on the previous criteria and then painted in a concrete surface in the very heart of the school.

The final design can be seen below at left and at right, the path separated in colors to understand it better.

Geometrical interpretation

The interpretation is done analyzing separately the geometrical elements and then synthesizing in a final statement:

  • 1 center: the goal is to connect with essence, with the best of me
  • 3 partitions: the strategy is to reach resolution, balance
  • 12 layers: the extension of the experience is the crystallized expression of perfection
  • Spiral base: active process of contraction and expansion as in breathing; resolution of two opposing forces; transformation; evolution

The final statement is:

Resolution Labyrinth was conceived to connect with essence, transcending contrast through conflict resolution thus flowing towards the expression of “the best of me”.

The experience can be…

  • Left to spontaneity and play
  • To intend the connection of the “best of me” through a focused meditation
  • To focus on the resolution of a conflict


On July 24, 2012, during the inauguration, we explained to students and teachers the intention of offering them a focused meditation tool that can facilitate going into their inner space to connect with the best of their beings and flow in the resolution of conflicts.

The response of these students – including teachers – was amazing. At the beginning, somewhat timidly, they followed the director Mr. Ovens, but later, in a spontaneous way, they approached in small and bigger groups.

The highlight of the experience was when a group of seniors started to walk in a group and gathered at the center in a big hug.

Mr. Ovens said we did not need to wait a few weeks to see the interest of the students, since this was a proof of success.

Another indication of the immediate effect was that some kids walked out of the labyrinth speaking about their goals and dreams. Many others spontaneously walked repeatedly in and out of the labyrinth in joy.

That is already great because a signal of connection with essence is joy, and another signal is to focus on your dreams.


While developing this labyrinth at the Canadian International School, I never expected such a positive and warm reception, though the directors did. They must know something about their students that is not quite common.

In the days following the inauguration, the smaller kids continue to play joyfully during recess and the older teens have expressed that they will use it to prepare for exams and to explore their inner self.

It cannot get any better.

Ronald Esquivel
Architect and Holistic Balance Instructor

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