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The following are the Enlish language pages on this site:

Labyrinth Design
Labyrinth design and sacred geometry are combined in this e-book with the intention of exploring new paths and their energy type in order to allow choice.

Tamarindo Labyrinth
The Tamarindo Labyrinth is probably the largest in the world and the first one to be designed following the telluric energy findings in the site.

Earth Labyrinth
The Earth Labyrinth is one of the four elements labyrinths. It is located in Costa Rica and its energy is evoking the creation of something new.

Resolution Labyrinth
Resolution Labyrinth was conceived to connect with essence, transcending contrast through conflict resolution thus flowing towards the expression of “the best of me”.

Sacred Architecture for a Yoga Studio
The Center for Advanced Awareness and Wellbeing for La Cusinga Lodge in Costa Rica, was designed based on a grometrical grid that is very inspiring.

Ronald Esquivel's bio
Born and raised in Costa Rica, I studied architecture and developed an early passion for sacred geometry and architecture.

I hope you enjoy them.

Ronald Esquivel
Architect and Holistic Balance Instructor