Ronald Esquivel

Born and raised in Costa Rica, I studied architecture and developed an early passion for sacred geometry and architecture.

While a few decades ago the clients were not yet ready for this type of architecture, I still provided designs that responded coherently to their needs.

Yoga Studio designed with Sacred Geometry principles is one of my projects and is presented in English.


I have also been very interested in labyrinths and have designed over a hundred of these geometries.

I was asked to speak at The Labyrinth Society’s 2009 Annual Gathering, and this led to the writing of a book: Labyrinth Design.

In this site, I have many Spanish language pages on Labyrinths and have built a few, of which The Tamarindo Labyrinth (in English) and the Resolution Labyrinth (in English) were first.

I am presently designing labyrinths for a prison, a hospital, a yoga center and a couple parks in Costa Rica.

Here is a list of the few Pages in English.

Personal growth

While still very young, I also took yoga classes and this led to my first studies on metaphysics. Here I found a true passion that shaped my life and work.

I dove into Sufism, Freemasonry, Abraham-Hicks and quite a few other schools of thought, graduating from Centro de Balance Integral Gaia as a Holistic Balance Instructor.

Gaia’s director Javier Ortiz invited me to lecture at the Center, which finally led, by the turn of the century, to the development of a Personal Growth Program called Bioreación.

This entire Spanish language site revolves around Biocreación and its practical application in daily life.

Thousands of Spanish speaking people have benefited immensely from the pages of this site, all free except for a few items for sale at low cost.

My Passions

My true happiness is to live my passions, and my passions are:

  • The mystery of human energy, the forces and laws that affect us, and the paths that lead to freedom. I thrive in the search of routes towards human fulfillment, love, joy, inspiration, inner strength, and wisdom.
  • The energy in form and number. Playing with geometry, constructing shapes that represent processes and forms in nature, and understanding creation from a geometrical perspective simply blows my mind.

Living my passion is enough justification to find worthiness in my life.


I have written seven books of which only the first one is in English:

Labyrinth Design
Labyrinth design and sacred geometry are combined in this e-book with the intention of exploring new paths and their energy type in order to allow choice.

Autoestima, Emociones y la Vida de mis Sueños
(Self Esteem, Emotions and the Life of My Dreams)

Biocreación, Éxito y Crecimiento Personal
(Biocreation, Success and Personal Growth)

Cursos de Autoayuda
(Self-Help Practical Courses)

Historias y Pensamientos
(Histories and Reflections on Personal Processes)

Geometría Sagrada
(Sacred Geometry)

Biocreación – el Curso Completo
(Biocreation – the Complete Course)

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