Yoga Studio's vertical grid

So far we have developed the yoga studio in two dimensions.

The Fruit of Life grid, derived from the Flower of Life allows for fractality in the vertical dimension also.

In the figure below, we project the Fruit of Life into the verticality.

The application of the principles of simplicity, structural considerations, local materials and inspiring holistic geometrical forms derived in the structure of the yoga studio shown at far right.

Above, a closer look at the energy spheres vibrating during a yoga session.

The following diagrams show the fractality of the created space at different levels of the Fruit of Life growth pattern.

Notice the flowers appearing repeatedly at focal points such as the upper joint of the structure and the central sphere at floor level.

This is repeated on each stage of the growth pattern of the yoga studio.

Finally, at the stage pictured above, we overlap all levels and the flowers depict a beautiful succession.

This level exposes clearly the structure of the yoga studio, coherent as intended, with the Flower of Life geometry.

Above, a couple of graphs just for the joy.

At left, after trimming all other lines, we have left only those that travel along the center line of the structure. Notice the blissful succession of leafs from each level of the grid as if reminding us of double helixes.

At right and very inspiring indeed, the flower succession – epitome of our intend – is worth a graph on its own.

The constructive form of this process is exposed below.

Side view of yoga studio

Front – entry – view of yoga studio.

A hexagonal pyramidal structure of locally grown wooden posts supported by massive concrete and rock structures allows for a peaceful, inspiring and growth atmosphere.

A hexagonal skylight roof cap allows for ventilation and illumination as well as a focal point of inspiration.

Above, a cross section of both structures connected, as shown previously within the grid.

The connector – pathway – is envisioned as a garden of symbols.

Following the grid, the circular steps toward the yoga studio are zigzagging through a series of cylinders at knee height.

Each of the drum-like cylinders has engravings of sacred symbols, including our Flower of Life and Fruit of Life, plus some other remarkable ones. They are intended to inspire and serve as seats also.

This is another space for waiting to be called in, but primarily, it is intended as a further step in increasing the inspiration – frequency level – of those going into the Grand Circle.

Below is a zoomed view of the passageway.


A fractal geometry grid for the floor plan with predominance of female energy circles and a masculine energy roof structure of straight lines, all proportioned by the Fruit of Life’s reproductive pattern is indeed an inspiring combination.

The Center for Advanced Awareness and Wellbeing’s Grand Circle is like a tree sprouting out of the ground with a canopy supported from the outside. The wooden posts meet its foundations at outer circles of the grid.

Considering all the elements, open on all sides, the Grand Circle is swept by the Wind; Earth is present in the wooden floor and local rock mixed with concrete structures, as well as in the wooden posts.

Water, channeled from a nearby stream, flows gently all around the main circle. It then flows to the sea charged with sacred energy.

Fire from the sun, while necessarily blocked by the roof, filters in through the top – the closest point to the sun. At night, fire is present through a series of torches that surround the grand circle.

La Cusinga is a unique place. It has resisted the temptations of blind commercial growth in favor of a sustainable and respectful low volume/low impact development.

The Tresemer/Alvarado/Guzmán family members have been key in the co-creation and preservation of public terrestrial and marine environments and protect an extensive wildlife refuge within their own property.

Their main wish is to encourage local customs and nurture coastal rainforest ecosystems while sharing the natural magic of the place with others.

I am honored to be part of the team that will make this dream come true. I trust that this proposal will deliver what is expected of it.

Ronald Esquivel
Architect and Holistic Balance Instructor

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