Sacred Architecture for a Yoga Studio

Sacred architecture for a yoga studio and awesome geometries combine in this design process.

Below is the design process memory that served to prepare the building plans.

The facility was activated and inaugurated the 21st of March, 2009 and a few pictures of that time are interspresed.

Center for Advanced Awareness and Wellbeing

Design Memory
Prepared by Ronald Esquivel

Geiner Alvarado has asked me to design this Center for Advanced Awareness at La Cusinga Lodge in Uvita, Costa Rica.

His guidelines were to design this yoga studio in accordance with Sacred Geometry and Sacred Architecture principles.

This approach has been inspired on the teachings of Psycho-Physiologist Dan Winter and Drunvalo Melchizedek.

Multifunctional and with a minimum capacity to hold a group of 35 people practicing yoga, the yoga studio should also include a lounge, dressing and toilets, kitchen and storage areas.

Fractality, the characteristic of the whole containing the part and the part containing the whole should be a guiding principle of the geometry.

The presence of this principle will allow for implosion as movement towards concentration, aggregation and unification. Dan Winter in his video-conference Biologic Architecture considers meditation as an act of implosion.

This principle is not only desirable in any habitable physical structure, but specifically honors Yoga’s fundamental psychological and spiritual intention: to help unite the self internally and externally - without borders.

Other guidelines are to achieve functional sustainability, environmental integrity, simplicity, technological and holistic appropriateness, beauty, and well-being.

Building materials present in the farm, such as timber from the reforestation project and rock, should be used throughout the project as they have in all the other buildings.

All four elements: air, water, earth and fire should play together not only as a conceptual criterion, but also for the purpose of creating a unique and inspirational atmosphere.

Geiner would like this facilty to serve as the most appropriate Yoga Studio of the country and a unique one in the world.

The site has an extraordinary view of Ballena (Whale) Bay and Uvita Point, surrounded by the Quebrada Grande Stream and forest of La Cusinga Lodge.

Its isolation and freedom from modern artificial audio/visual distractions is a desired condition, as well as being next to the Parque Nacional Marino Ballena, the first whale environment preservation national park of Costa Rica.

Furthermore, this proposed building site has been considered by many to be a “power spot”, charged with magnetic energy and vital force.

There is no question as to the site’s calling for sacredness.

Basic fractal forms for the yoga studio

The circle, representative of the sphere, the most meaningful and simple form in geometry and the cosmos, is the starting point. Feminine in nature –curved lines – and therefore life giving, the circle will serve as the unit of the design grid.

According to Drunvalo, a series of figures can be developed from the repetition of the circle in relation to itself.

In his books The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, he has suggested a procedure which we will follow in this document, and will use the names Drunvalo employs for the derived forms.

Note how a flower has manifested in the inner circle. All circles are placed with their centers in the intersections of the other circles.

All you need is a compass to create this drawing. Great example of the feminine’s life generating virtue.

An evolutionary process.

A creative process.

Notice the emergence of flowers in the inner circles and the perfection of the geometry and its evolving sequence.

A continuation of the process.

Now the growth pattern is complete.

A circle, evolving about itself, renders this extraordinary figure from which all of life is derived.

This life giving process has reproduced not only the feminine curved energies, but also the masculine, now obvious in the straight lines of a manifested hexagon.

After trimming some lines appropriately, we arrive at the supreme Flower of Life graph (above left), according to Drunvalo present in most of the ancient cultures of the world.

Seven main circles (in red) within a circle, each containing a flower.

The six outer circles touch each other; the center circle touches the outer six, all in a perfect array.

All flowers are created by the intersection of the adjacent circles following the reproductive pattern.

A pattern that allows a circle of feminine nature, to give birth to both feminine and masculine straight line forms (above right).

The Egg of Life (above left) is derived from the Flower of Life: a center circle surrounded by 6 circles, each touching the adjacent circles and all fitting perfectly within another bigger circle.

At right, a masculine version.

The egg hatches. Derived from the Egg of Life (originally derived from the Flower of Life) is the Fruit of Life figure. Beautifully arranged and intending growth, this is the basis for our design grid.

As seen in the figure at right, the hexagons are present at all levels, beautiful sample of the integration of feminine and masculine energies.

Creating a Design Grid for the yoga studio

In order to understand the fractality of the Fruit of life, the figure above shows the growth pattern – the perfection of its explosive and implosive capacity.

Four levels of growth. Each series of circles is precisely double in diameter of the previous. Each subsequent graph contains all the previous.

The whole is similar to the part and vice versa. The whole can be imploded to the part and the part exploded to the whole in a harmonious and modular pattern.

An enlightened example of fractality in geometry, these diagrams may help explain the process of creation in life.

Designing the human space

Above is the main design grid of the project: an evolution of the Fruit of Life. From here on, all design decisions for the yoga studio are based on the grid, in keeping with the fractality virtue.

Our intent is to create a space that allows for human inspiration and evolution, for energy concentration, connectedness, healing and wellness.

We intend to create spaces that promote the unity and power of self – the harmonious connection of body, emotion, mind and soul.

The fractality of the sacred geometric grid allows for an internal focus on the design elements of the yoga studio, which creates a disciplined environment beneficial to those present.

Everything rhymes, the pace is modular. This is poetry in graphical expression.

The expressions of function start to create differentiations in form, but the differences are rooted in the sameness of the main pattern.

Form now follows function, flowing freely within a life enhancing habitat.

Sacred Architecture inspired in Sacred Geometry.

The Grand Circle of the Yoga Studio

Simplicity is a virtue.

The floor plan of the Grand Circle of the yoga studio has been designed as clean and simple as possible. All elements are at their minimal expression and all are necessary according to the principles embraced.

The distribution of mats can be of single or inward orientation, both cases allowing comfortably for 36 + 1 mats.

Although the space is designed with yoga practice in mind, it will serve well for events such as meetings, meditation groups, conferences, music performance, and celebrations of various kinds.

A circular wooden floor divided as a hexagon has been sized in precise correspondence with the grid. The dark wood hexagon at the very center is the smallest module of the grid.

A concrete border for desired contention and for seating has been added.

A water channel runs along the border, providing inspiration and subtle sound.

Support facilities of the yoga studio

The figure above shows the floor plan of the support services building.

Rain gear is left outside and shoes at the entrance point. We are preparing for a subtle experience and most everything of worldly nature is to be left behind. On each side of the entrance are the kitchen and storage.

The focus point is in the central sitting area or lounge, where we wait to be called in. In this area the energy is concentrated and the implosion experience unique – threshold of still a higher vibratory event to come.

The other areas are grid intensive also and contribute to the overall building of energy.

Dressing and restrooms are further in, for easier access from the Yoga studio. Showers are open to the sky for enhanced contact with nature.

Next to the exit are two storage rooms for mats, blocks, balls and other equipment.

Masculine roofs

Grand Circle roof.

Roofs are developed following the grid and adapt to the tropical climate of Costa Rica.

Rainstorms are frequent and high temperature is to be considered. Roofs are pitched and overhangs wide. Hexagon roofs appear to be the solution that fits best.

Masculine hexagons aiming towards the Sun’s masculine energy and feminine circular forms lying in Mother Earth’s feminine energy seem to be very coherent.

Another hexagonal roof for the Support Services building, adapts to both the grid and the requirements of function.

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