Labyrinth design

Labyrinth design and sacred geometry are combined in this e-book with the intention of exploring new paths and their energy type in order to allow choice.

Two purposes have been the driving force in the creation of the Labyrinth Design e-book:

  • the joy - the feeling of the geometry
  • to identify geometrical aspects that can assist in defining their character

The first purpose and personally the most important, requires a right side of the brain approach. Feeling the form, the gesture and personality of different geometries is so exciting and uplifting, that that alone is worth the time.

More than one hundred color images are included, each of them a fully functional labyrinth, and if printed, all can be finger walked. The big variety of designs will also be very helpful if you are planning to build one and have not made a decision yet as to what labyrinth design to go for.

See samples of some of the graphics of the book in Laberintos, a series of pages in Spanish in this site.

The second purpose lays some groundwork regarding the interpretation of the character of a labyrinth. The components of these geometries are identified and along with the principles of great thinkers, they are assigned a role in the conformation of the character type.

This proposal has to be developed further, but is a good start if you are interested in specific benefits.

According to groundbreaking principles in the areas of philosophical mathematics, psychophysiology and quantum physics, geometrical images and structures generate specific types of energy that affect human conditions. These concepts applied to labyrinths allow us to select among a wide variety of possible benefits.

Derived from the principles stated by Dan Winter, some geometries will assist cancer patients to let go of excess tissue, while others will work the other way around, benefiting AIDS patients. In a similar way, other principles and benefits are discussed.

At the end of the book, the development concept of a spiritual park is presented along with the Tamarindo Labyrinth design history, that may well be the largest in the world in its type.

Finally, a couple of charts summarize all the principles used to interpret character so you can practice or have your preferred features be developed into a custom design that suits you.

With 114 pages stuffed with graphics, this Labyrinth Design e-book sells for US$6.99. Use the following link to purchase a version for your computer.

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among which is a sacred architecture project of a yoga studio I designed.

That Design Memory was the base for plans and construction of the studio. It was inaugurated and activated on the 21st of March, 2009 – spring equinox – by the Yoga for the Soul group.

I hope you enjoy it.

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